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The Brewster family, Wester Borland Farm

The Brewster family milked cows many years ago and having spent a generation farming beef cattle son Alan was keen to move back into dairying. In 2015 Alan and his father, Willie, bought 230 cows and invested in a 16/32 EuroClass 800 herringbone swingover parlour with Metatron P21 milk metres and the Apollo automatic dipping […]

New 30/30 rapid exit improves milking times and cow management

Reduced milking times, improved cow management and hygiene are just some of the benefits father and son Gilmour and Kevin Lawrie have seen in the first four months since installing a GEA Farm Technologies 30/30 Global 90i rapid exit parlour with feeding. A new 120ft by 50ft building at Sandyford Farm, Monkton, Ayr, incorporates the […]

Quick and easy cleaning with Parlour Foam +

“Using Parlour Foam + has cut my parlour cleaning time in half”.
David Morton, Auchinbay Farm

New swingover milking parlour at Nether Craig Farm

Milking 100 cows in Gatehead, Craig Cochrane’s family at Nether Craig Farm had spent the past 19 years milking in an Alfa Laval jar parlour. Having moved from milking Friesians to Holsteins the cows were getting too large for the parlour and so they decided it was time to upgrade. Deciding on a 14/28 Euroclass […]

New 30/30 rapid exit milking parlour at Sandyford Farm

Recently joining the herd is Gilmour and Kevin Lawrie of Sandyford Farm, who said: “We are delighted with our recently installed GEA 30/30 rapid exit parlour with feeding.  The new parlour has reduced our milking time and we are really pleased with the IQ Clusters which have helped reduce cell counts. “We are very impressed […]