Dairy Design Service

As a result of constant structural change, there has been a growth in the size of dairy farms and thus in the demands for professional planning. The design of a modern, top-performance farm in the dairy industry requires experience in stall construction, slurry technology equipment, milking, animal traffic and in many other areas. Our internationally experienced dairy design service network, with planning specialists in various countries and in the company headquarters in Bönen, has taken on this task and offers optimal, individual solutions for our customers. You are in good hands with our planning team which can look back on 20 years of planning experience and over 10,000 successfully completed projects for cows, sheep, goats and buffalos.


We provide parlour and dairy unit design for new parlours, robots and upgrades to existing plants to ensure cow comfort, safety and overall operational efficiency is reached. All our parlour drawings are customised to suit the requirements of individual customers.

We also offer on-site visits throughout construction work and work closely with builders and electricians involved to ensure each individual customer gets the most efficient installation and service right from the start.

  • Overall view of the system
  • Stall / building layout / milking buildings
  • Possibilities for the use of various types of milking parlour for conventional and robotic milking
  • Integration of milk collection and feed delivery
  • Slurry management
  • Status of treatment, special groups, dryness, hoof care, sick animals, offspring, calving areas
  • Design of the animal traffic, such as selection and sorting
  • Optimization of the work flows and paths
  • Optimal design of the waiting yard
  • Required functional and ancillary rooms and their design
  • Planning advice for customers, architects and competence centres, also possible on site.

Contact us today if you are looking in to starting a new project or want to upgrade your existing plant.

Dairy design drawing