Quick and easy cleaning with Parlour Foam +

Parlour Foam + is an alkaline foam cleaner for cleaning the milking parlour and animal housing.

You can reduce your cleaning time, electricity bill and water usage by following this simple 3 step guide:

  1. Foam on
  2. Leave for 20-30 minutes
  3. Blast off with your usual pressure or volume washer*

Before cleaning the parlour wallsCleaning using a pressure washerPart of the wall easily cleaned with Parlour Foam +
Parlour Foam + contains excellent wetting, adhering and dirt penetrating qualities. It is designed to be applied through a foaming lance on your standard pressure washer, or via a specialist foaming machine.

David MortonDavid Morton at Auchinbay Farm was amazed with the results: “Using Parlour Foam + has cut my parlour cleaning time in half”.

For further informati0n on Parlour Foam + call us on 01563 532111.

*Always take extra care around sensitive parts of your milking parlour.