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DairyFlow Christmas Holidays 2015

Sequential bailing milking

Parlours with sequential stalling, or bailing, are attracting increasing interest from producers. GEA Farm Technologies has installed two in the UK and one in Ireland. Tom Steel is getting the benefit of faster milking and the ability of the Dairyplan Herd Management system to control in parlour feeding following the installation of a 26/52 sequential […]

Thinking about dairy farm automation? Think GEA

GEA produces the world‘s most advanced automated dairy farm systems for exceptional milking and feeding performance. Dairy farm automation brings the benefits of  improved labour productivity, feed efficiency and cow health which all add up to better margins. GEA innovations are unique in providing benefits way beyond the average. We are changing the way in […]

Packaging changes on your dairy hygiene products

On the 1st June 2015 the hazard signs changed on your dairy hygiene products. The CLP Regulation adopts the United Nations’ Globally Harmonised System on the classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS) across all European Union countries, including the UK. As GHS is a voluntary agreement rather than a law, it has to be adopted through a suitable […]

Celebrating 10 years of DairyFlow – with Scott Baird

Here at DairyFlow we are celebrating being at the forefront of milking technology in Scotland for 10 years.  Having been with the company for over six years I thought I’d take you through what we’ve been up to over the past decade… In the last ten years we’ve installed over 100 new parlours.  We put […]