For the supply, installation & maintenance of dairy farming technology in Central and the West of Scotland

Milking parlours & parlour updates

A 40-point GEA AutoRotor milking parlour installed by DairyFlow Whether you are looking to completely replace your milking parlour to fulfil a new long-term strategy, or extend/update your existing milking equipment, DairyFlow can help you plan your project, advise on and obtain the right equipment to help you to achieve your objectives, and install it to the highest standard. For those looking for fully automated milking, we also supply, install and maintain the MIone robotic milking system.

Milking parlours to suit every need

GEA Farm Technologies and DairyFlow have been at the forefront of milking technology in Scotland for many years. We have therefore installed all types of milking parlours on farms in Central and the West of Scotland having wide-ranging objectives and requirements. Most of our customers will be happy for you to visit to help you crystalise in your own mind the type of equipment that will be right for you. Once this is decided and the order placed, we will provide the necessary plans for your builder with all the required specifications, measurements and services. If required we can advise on and supply temporary milking facilities.

Once the building work is complete, we will ensure that the installation proceeds as smoothly as possible. We will keep you fully informed of progress, and let you know which DairyFlow engineers will be working on your milking parlour. We will try not to disturb the working day on the farm, but where this can’t be avoided we will liaise with you to keep the disruption to a minimum.

Once finished the new milking equipment will be tested to BS ISO 6690:2007, which is the current standard for milking installations in the UK. We show you how the new equipment works and will make sure you are completely familiar with it before we leave. We will also give you a full set of the operating manuals and wiring and instrumentation diagrams, along with the new milking parlour warranty schedule, which will be fully explained.

EuroClass 800/850

50º herringbone parlour

The doubled up herringbone milking parlour installed by DairyFlow at Dewshill Farm

  • Short distances for the operator and animals to walk
  • High throughput due to wide cow standing area
  • Free-standing stalling provides an ergonomic workplace, easy cleaning and a better view
  • Safety and functionality assured by the use of tried and tested structural components
  • Long service life achieved by high quality materials
  • Low construction costs
  • Animals always ready for milking because they are more relaxed

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EuroClass 800 with swingover

50º herringbone parlour with one unit/two stalls

The herringbone swingover parlour installedby DairyFlow at Grange Hall Farm, Pettinain

  • Tried and tested EuroClass 800 milking parlour stalling
  • Short walking distances for operator and animal
  • Ergonomic workstation, easy cleaning
  • Appreciable assistance due to operator convenience
  • Significant time savings and accordingly a higher throughput rate
  • Gentle udder milking and healthy animals due to low vacuum
  • Lower investment costs

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Global 90i

Side-by-side rapid exit parlour

Global 90i installed by DairyFlow at Bonnyhill Farm

  • Smooth and stress-free milking process with short walking distances
  • Sufficient space for any breed of cow
  • Easy milking parlour operation
  • Optimum, individual positioning of the animals
  • High level of protection for the cows and operator provided by rugged construction of the stalling
  • Rapid exit for high throughput performance
  • Individual indexing system
  • MultiLine-Design protects equipment and provides easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance due to high-quality components

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AutoRotor PerFormer

Side-by-side external rotary milking parlour

The 40-point GEA AutoRotor milking parlour installed at Shotlinn Farm

  • Closed cabinet for the protection of all the milking components
  • SpeedControl or optional retention arm for second round
  • Animal-friendly designed stalling with generous standing areas
  • Surface-sealed, slip-free concrete platform with secure footing
  • Robust running gear
  • Optional in-parlour feeding
  • Optional stainless steel cladding above or below the platform
  • Relaxed animal traffic and maximum throughput performance at the same time
  • Low maintenance equipment for high running and long life

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GEA Farm Finance

GEA Farm Finance provides flexible finance solutions to support your new investment in our innovative technologies. We offer complete equipment programmes, from bulk milk tanks, automated and conventional milking parlours, to slurry handling and housing systems. GEA Farm Finance operates in partnership with AGF. For further details call 08450 569 564 or visit the website.

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