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Slurry handling equipment

The Houle range of slurry handling systems from GEA Farm Technologies can help you to meet the new Nitrogen Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) requirements.

GEA Farm Technologies manufactures a range of robust quality equipment for handling and treating slurry from the cubicle shed to the field. Whether you are a farmer or a contractor, we have products designed to suit a range of situations that may be challenging you:

Slurry pump systems

Houle slurry pumps are available from DairyFlow

Houle electric, hydraulic, and PTO slurry pumps from GEA Farm Technologies perform a variety of jobs under different circumstances. Whether you need a pump to empty a lagoon or to fill a slurry tank; whether the slurry is laden with sand or straw, we can supply the right solution. Houle pumps are durable, high-performance and have been proven thousands of times under the most severe conditions.
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Slurry agitators

Houle slurry agitators are available from DairyFlow

Powerful Houle agitators will homogenise slurry in lagoons, pits and above-ground tanks to vastly improve emptying efficiency, thus increasing the holding capacity and hence reducing the number of times the lagoon or tank needs to be emptied.

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Slurry spreaders

Houle Slurry spreaders are available from DairyFlow

Slurry spreaders need to be able to travel on a range of different soil types. Hydraulic suspension and power steering that are adjustable to fit the rotational angle of the tractor and adaptable to all types of terrain are just two examples from the range of features of Houle slurry spreaders and tankers available from GEA Farm Technologies.

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Manure separators

Houle slurry separator available from DairyFlow

Houle separator systems offer rugged, flexible and professional slurry management on the farm. They easily remove fibres and turn liquid manure into compost or green bedding.

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